A septic tank consists of an underground chamber that is often made of concrete, fibreglass or plastic. Domestic wastewater from your toilets, sinks, showers and baths (grey water) drain into the septic tank chamber for basic separation. If you are not connected to mains drainage you need to have an effective septic tank in place. A septic tank allows the waste to break down naturally, separating the solids so that the resulting liquid can then be treated. Only when this has happened is the liquid allowed to seep into the ground through a drainage field. Our goal at Septic tanks North West is to use our experience to advise customers about the right septic tank to use so that they buy the best product for their requirements and also offer supporting products such as sewage treatment plants and additional products your systems or property owners require.  We provide you with the means to safely store waste, allowing the natural break down of any solids that are produced, allowing you to treat the remaining effluent so that it is safe to discharge directly into the ground via a drainage field. We provide products that are of the highest quality, at an affordable cost – all of which comply with binding rules outlined by the environment agency. Our range of septic tanks contains models to suit different requirements and budgets.